Foreword for Soulful Journey

“Where do we go when we physically leave this earth?” This is one of the greatest mysteries known throughout the history of mankind, and yet, millions of people do know- because they have experienced death and life beyond.

Soulful Journey: Walking with Faith After My Near-Death Experience,” is an excellent tool to help you or a loved one move forward in communicating and therefore understanding of the emotions that follow such an experience.

After Sheri Ann Stanley’s NDE she was compelled to follow a path that brought about her transformation. While still close to the spirit realm and having feelings of disconnect, Sheri sought help because of a growing fear of obtrusive panic attacks. Sheri’s sensitivity led her to unseen doors that opened to awaken her to a greater wisdom of God and His eternal truths for her.

Sheri writes candidly about her “near-death experience” and discusses the issues of life that she confronted following her experience; such as the emotional impact a NDE can have on relationships. She explores the journey that ultimately brought her to a place of peace and wholeness.

This book provides a window into the soul of a courageous woman. One who shares her story in effort to help others reconcile their own experiences and have the courage to share them without fear.

Sheri’s words provided insight to bring hope, comfort, empowerment and understanding that will encourage and strengthen you in your own experience. Her journey will bring clarity on how friends and family can be a place of safety and comfort for those returning from any negative effect or trauma experienced by an NDE.

Sheri’s book will benefit those who may be walking this path with someone that has taken this journey. May it bless you as an experiencer and provide a “common ground” for family and friends who have difficulty in understanding the unseen and unexplainable.”

Betty J. Eadie
Author of the New York Times Bestselling books
“Embraced by The Light and The Awakening Heart.”

Published by Sheri Ann Stanley

I am a Christian woman with lots to say about my faith and why it's so important to me. I am still a work-in-progress....staying on the narrow path is hard! Every time I lose my way I always try to remember this corny as ever cliche "it's all about the journey, not the destination!". I am by no means a Saint, but a sinner, saved by grace, thank you Jesus!!!!!

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