Sheri Ann Stanley


Sheri Ann Stanley is the author of the new release book Pray and Obey: Are You Talking to Me, God? Detailing her personal prayers to God and how she teaches others how they can hear from God too. “You don’t have to have a near-death experience to have a personal relationship with God. You can start now, right where you are.” -Sheri Ann Stanley.

Sheri had a near-death experience at age eight that had a profound affect on her entire life. Sheri has spent the past 20 years writing about how it affected her spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

She was recently interviewed on The Talkzone online radio with Lee Wittings for IANDS(International Association Near-Death Studies) where she spoke candidly about her near-death experience. IANDS featured her story in their online newsletter comparing her experience to the blockbuster movie Heaven is for Real describing her childhood near-death experience.

Sheriannstanley.com for contacting the author or S.A.Stanley2013@gmail.com Twitter @SStanley2013 where she encourages others with scriptures and photography that inspire her. Her first book Soulful Journey: Walking with Faith after my Near-Death Experience describes how this affected her life and personal relationship with God.