Foreword for Soulful Journey

“Where do we go when we physically leave this earth?” This is one of the greatest mysteries known throughout the history of mankind, and yet, millions of people do know- because they have experienced death and life beyond. “Soulful Journey: Walking with Faith After My Near-Death Experience,” is an excellent tool to help you orContinue reading “Foreword for Soulful Journey”

Sheri, I praise you for writing such a book.

“Stories about near-death experiences, especially as a child, and how after-effects are handled, are invaluable teaching tools for all of us. Near-death experiences, no matter how brief or complex, change brain structure and function, alter the nervous and digestive systems, and quite literally turn us around. The public focuses primarily on the phenomenon itself, “theContinue reading “Sheri, I praise you for writing such a book.”