Pray and Obey



“Doesn’t everyone hear from God when they pray?” Pray and Obey: Are You Talking to Me, God? discusses how you can be a better listener when turning to God for help and answers. After being struck by a truck at the tender age of eight years old, author Sheri Ann Stanley began her journey with God. After many years of struggling with complications arising from this near-death experience, she decided to reaffirm her Faith and redirect all her focus to God.

In this book, Sheri Ann Stanley takes an open and unashamed approach to helping people seek the Word of God. She discusses her personal, candid talks with God and includes her personal prayer rituals and journal entries spanning over twenty years. Sheri provides anecdotes from her life as a single woman of Faith, from a near-death experience when she was just eight years old to her born again Faith today. She makes no excuses and even admits that she is not perfect, comforting those who feel they must be flawless in their Faith and actions. After all, we’re only human!

With two sections, “pray” and “obey,” Sheri covers topics personal to her. Every reader can find subjects that resonate with them. Themes covered in this book are dating, loss, recovery, loneliness, and mental health issues such as anxiety, PTSD, and suicide. Each chapter rounds out with small prescription scriptures for healing. Whether you are new to the Faith or looking to strengthen your bond with God, Pray and Obey: Are You Talking to Me, God? can help you find your way to Him and discover the Word.

Author Sheri Ann Stanley uses personal anecdotes, candid talks with God, journal entries and more to give an intimate and unique approach to helping others find the Word and bring them closer to God.


  • Do you want God to talk to you…… then read this book!!!

    “In this book, Sheri Ann Stanley reminds us all of feelings we either had or have now regarding God. I honestly can say that once you start reading it is hard to stop because you feel engulfed to find out where God’s journey is going to take her next. The book is real, honest and makes you stop and think; is God really talking to her? If he is maybe he will talk to me, so it makes me want to stop relax and take five minutes to talk to God and see what I can do better myself. The book opens up reality for me to know that if I truly listen to my inner self as I’m praying there may be good to come out of all of this.

    At the beginning and end of chapters you’ll see how Sheri related the scriptures from the bible to help us relate to a situation. With this in mind it does make you think about your own situation(s) and how you can be more involved with God. GREAT READ, if you want God to talk to you, so please read this book. It will give you a whole new perspective about GOD.”

    -Diane Rogers
  • A Definite Must Read

    “A must read!!! Genuine, heartfelt, inspirational all with a sense of humor! Love the Bible passages to tie it all together with our amazing Lord and his guidance. Definitely worth the read!”

    -Michelle Horton
  • Reaffirmed my faith

    “Absolutely loved this book! Sherri did a great job talking about her faith in god, and her childhood struggles. It brought alot back to me and made me more aware of how God protects us, and heals us …great read!”

    -Debbie Roscia
  • Very powerful!

    “The author of this book does a wonderful job showing how her faith in god is a true guide to everyday issues many of us deal with. If your looking for a book to help show you a recipe for happiness, this is it! Well worth the read!”

    -Sheryl Spiller


  • Sheri, I praise you for writing such a book.

    “Stories about near-death experiences, especially as a child, and how after-effects are handled, are invaluable teaching tools for all of us. Near-death experiences, no matter how brief or complex, change brain structure and function, alter the nervous and digestive systems, and quite literally turn us around.

    The public focuses primarily on the phenomenon itself, “the story,” hardly glancing at what comes next and how such experiences change us….for life. You do us all a favor by offering “the rest of the story.”

    Each experiencer will differ in focus and descriptions. None of us differ in how our heart “explodes” into realms of love and compassion we never knew existed before.

    Thank you, Sheri, for this precious “hug.”

    -P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D., pioneer researcher, in the field of near-death studies, and author of such books as: The Forever Angels: Near-Death Experiences in Childhood and Their Lifelong Impact and Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience.